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Air Spring Solutions

We use 4.5mm to 5mm thick rubber that exceeds OEM requirements which is 30% to 50% more rubber than most aftermarket air springs even some of the brand names.

Studs on our air springs are made off of 4140 Grade of steel instead of 1040, this makes our studs 25% stronger.

Each air spring is thoroughly tested in our manufacturing facility to make sure it meets our customer’s utmost expectations from our products. We have the highest leak test and burst test ratio in the air spring aftermarket.

Our air springs were able to withstand 400psi of air pressure before the rubber burst when the industry requirement is only a 100psi

On the cycle test against the market's biggest names air spring, our air spring lasted for more than 10 million cycles, where most air springs are tested for one million.

Unlike most air spring manufacturers we do not use bases that are made from recycled plastic, this is why when put to the test our air spring bases were able to take 30 tons of pressure before cracking.

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